Practice Areas

General Liability

The potential for exposure is vast. So are the capabilities, experiences and expertise of Engles, Ketcham & Olson attorneys. For more than 30 years, general liability/insurance defense has been the core of our firm’s practice – at every level of state and federal court.

From commercial and private property to commercial auto, personal insurance and product liability, we have vigorously and successfully defended for damages – through litigation in the courtroom or utilizing arbitration and mediation to settle disputes for clients.

Commercial Liability

In this broad-ranging practice area, a firm is often measured by the diversity of the cases handled and the metrics that balance success against the cost of resolution. Here is where Engles, Ketcham & Olson continue to excel, with a team of seasoned litigators whose work reflects the full range of commercial liability cases including complex disputes, claims and issues – both in and out of court.

Commercial Auto

Whether van, taxi or private fleet, our commercial auto practice is able to achieve favorable and quantifiable results as the result of our strategic approach. As a result, we’re able to provide robust defense to the resolution to the damages resulting from accidents, traffic violations and claims of personal injury – even under the most challenging circumstances.

Personal Auto

From low-impact, questionable injury accidents to disputed liability with complex medical claims, Engles, Ketcham & Olson is able to provide vigorous defense for individuals who are at fault in a personal auto accident. Our process of investigation, assessment and resolution, our emphasis is on early, economical resolution to minimize exposure. While we are willing to try those cases that need to be litigated, we also evaluate the potential for mediation and other methods of dispute resolution – always with the goal of meeting client demands for cost-effectiveness and process metrics.

Product Liability

With our diverse product liability practice, Engles, Ketcham & Olson is an ideal partner to when confronting any product liability issue including allegedly defective products and technologies – for industrial, commercial and consumers. We routinely represent cases involving manufacturers, distributors and retailers, in a wide range of industries. We excel in our ability as litigators at every level of state and federal courts.

Other Areas of Practice

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Specialty Areas

Increasing tendency toward litigiousness is especially apparent in such areas as professional liability, transportation, construction, employment and banking and finance. The attorneys of Engles, Ketcham & Olson provide successful representation to mitigate risk through prevention and avoidance of loss, dispute resolution and a proven ability to prevail in litigation.

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Insurance Litigation

Because it’s the only kind of work we do, EKO brings strong insurance defense work that is both process and outcome driven. Our experience extends to insurance claim and coverage issues, bad faith, fraud and subrogation at every level of state and federal courts.

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Workers’ Compensation

Understanding and analyzing a worker’s illness or injury claim is critical to our ability to defend employers’ rights. EKO successfully addresses the full spectrum of Workers’ Compensation claims.

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